Tuesday, September 29, 2009



Shannon at Growing and Learning by Leaps and Bounds is opening up a new linky about Kids Discovering Nature. I will be linking to her and to Nature Explorers at Blissful Moments, if I have something to say on the topic, and I have time to write the post about it. Today the topic is pretty simple – favorite fall activities.

I grew up in Minsk, capital of Belarus. Belarus is a forest kingdom. My favorite memories from my childhood include going out with my parents to pick wild berries or wild mushrooms. I remember misty mornings in the fall when we got up early and headed out on our mushroom picking expeditions. Then we came home and spent time cleaning mushrooms and preserving them in various ways for the winter.

I miss those childhood pleasures here in the States, but at least we still have hiking in our Redwood Groves and preparing for Thanksgiving. Let me tell you – Halloween and Thanksgiving is a lot more fun to celebrate than yet another October Revolution Anniversary. By the way, October Revolution was celebrated on November 7. It happened on October 25, 1917, but Russia was still on Julian calendar at that time. But I digress…

My favorite fall holiday for the last three years is Anna’s birthday. It’s in the middle of October, which makes it a little unpredictable weather-wise. Anticipation starts to build already – Anna is now trying to decide what she wants for her birthday cake. So far Diego is firmly in the lead followed by “kitties, but only girl kitties, because I like only girls”. To me now fall will forever be the time of birth and bounty, of excitement and anticipation and of celebrating with family and friends.


growingandlearningbyleapsandbounds said...

good post my cousins go mushroom hunting lots in the fall! :)

hope she has a great bday!

I'll be posting next weeks activity tonight

plus this give you 1 entry into the nature circle card giveaway for more check out my blog post

Susana said...

I love Fall too. You have good childhood memories to share with Anna, they will be exciting to her because they will be so different.

I bet you are all getting excited about her birthday too:-).

whisperingwhispers said...

What fond memories you have to share with Anna, and now the two of you get to make memories together that Anna will always remember.

Birthdays are so great when they are young, Cherish them all!

Orange Juice said...

She wants to go to San Diego? Like to the Wild Animal Park? Sorry, I think I'm a little confused.

Her comment about girl kitties is so cute!

Orange Juice said...

OMG.... Im a dork! eesh! DIEGO! DUH! Pretend I didn't say that!

Elise said...

A forest kingdom sounds enchanting!

Even though the seasonal traditions you share with Anna will be different to your own, it still sounds as though you are both creating treasured memories to last a lifetime.

Ahhh, the choosing of the birthday cake! Savvy poured over books for a good month and it was hilarious to hear some of her comments as to why a certain cake appealed or didn't appeal to her.

MaryAnne said...

How funny that Anna only wants girl kitties on her cake because she only likes girls - yet her other choice is a Diego cake!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

So cute that she only likes girls, but Diego is first on her list, hee hee. :) I hope she has a wonderful birthday and I enjoyed reading this post very much - esp. the mushroom picking!