Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It was a very relaxed weekend. We didn’t do any preschool activities whatsoever (except book reading, of course), but played outside and enjoyed our time together. Yesterday our papa went sailing with friends, and I decided to have a totally “child-led” morning. We ate breakfast in our pajamas, then Anna played contentedly by herself for an hour. After a while she announced that she wants to go to a warmer place. We have a house in our neighborhood that has a palm tree in the front. We discussed our trees enough for Anna to know that palms don’t grow naturally in our climate. That’s why she calls this tree her “warmer place”. She just discovered this weekend that she can sort of climb it, and that’s what she wanted to do for 30 minutes or so. After that we leisurely strolled to the park, fell into the puddle (that’s why she doesn’t have pants in some of the pictures), played with dirt for another 30 minutes, played with rocks, played with sticks. And then there was more free play in the backyard, lunch outside, getting washed off with a water hose, icecream… What can be more perfect than a warm day of late summer. Cold weather didn’t arrive here yet, and I hope that we can have this summer celebration all week long this week.





whisperingwhispers said...

It sounds like you had a nice day yesterday. The weather is changing way too fast here. Though it was nice enough today that we got to walk to the library so long as we wore our jackets. We didn't get out much this weekend, Sunday it just poured and we had thunder, yesterday was very breezy. Our summers are just way too short!

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I just love this post - what a great day you had with Anna. I have found that the (very few) times I've been able to just relax and not do anything for an entire morning or day except for what M decides to do, that it's been a very special time for the both of us. What a great reminder - thank you!

Susana said...

I love the ice cream picture! Mornings/days like you had this day are so fun and special too. It seems they are too few and far between. I need to allow for more of those with my kids. Thank you very much for this sweet post and for a much needed reminder.