Monday, September 28, 2009


Summer has decided to stay here for longer. We had temperatures in mid 90s all last week, and our A/C is working overtime. No apple picking for us – we spent both days of the weekend at our neighborhood pool. Anna still refuses to get her face wet, and we didn’t take any swimming lessons this year. This is the plan for the next summer – to learn how to swim. But she loves water and swims fairly well with a swimming tube. In the afternoon I let her watch one episode of Sid the Science Kid that we recorded. I am getting tired of Dora and Diego, even though Anna loves to watch those shows when she gets a chance. We don’t have any premium channels, so she doesn’t get to watch those often unless I bring the DVD from the library. Quite coincidentally, the topic of the Sid show was weather and what meteorologists do. Anna was very interested, because just recently we read a book from Let’s Read and Find Out series that was called What Will the Weather Be? The book was over her head in many places, but Sid show focused on temperature, wind and rain. After the show we went outside and improvised rain with a water hose. Anna was enjoying herself so much – giggling, catching water with her tongue like the kids in the show and collecting “rain water” in the buckets. I hope she will enjoy a “real” rain just as much when it finally comes and visits us.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Matthew doesn't like Sid at all. He says "I don't like that Sid kid." whenever it starts to come on, lol. He is stuck on Clifford, George, and Bob the Builder, and I'm getting a little tired of all three. It could be worse, and it does let me get some real work done around here, so I shouldn't complain! Cute picture of Anna - she is looking very warm! Fall has definitely arrived here in MN.

Susana said...

Our leaves haven't even started to turn yet here. It was 90 degrees today!! Summer is definitely here for a bit longer as well:-).

Orange Juice said...

You are sooooooooooooo close to us! Well, close comparatively. ha ha

I love how much she enjoyed it! Very sweet. It made me smile.