Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Best Word Book Ever

Anna loves Richard Scarry, and she likes word books. Combine them together, and you get a winner of the week. Frankly, I thought that she already outgrew books without stories, but she was quite eager to study pages and to point all the objects on the page. Some of the pages were useful for me too, for example, the page with tools that had pictures of hacksaw and other exotic tools that I’ve seen, but didn’t know names for (neither in English nor in Russian)


Going on an AirplaneOur theme for this week is Things That Fly. I got a dozen of different books about airplanes in the library. So far the only book that she was interested in (on the second reading) was this one. We flew twice with Anna before, but I don’t think she remembers those trips, she was under 2 at the time. I tried to impress upon her that she will have the same experiences on the plane (well, sadly, she is not going to get such a great lunch from flight attendants unless we pay for it). She asked very many questions that showed her comprehension. Hopefully she will be able to relate to this book better once she actually travels by air again.

Seaweed Soup

As I was picking up airplanes books, I couldn’t pass the table that had MathStart series. This is what I like about the library – every time I go I learn something new. I browsed through the stack and picked this book, because it was tying well with our previous theme of ocean creatures. This book introduces (very gently) a concept of sets. I don’t think that Anna picked up on this concept. Instead she picked up immediately that the words in the title are made out of seaweed :) We only started to read this yesterday, so maybe it will be a winner for the next week. I positively enjoyed both the text and the illustrations, and will be getting more next time in the library.


I brought several fact-based airplanes books from the library this week. Unfortunately, the ones that I introduced so far including this one flopped with a big splat. From what I see, at this point Anna is not very interested to learn how things work, but rather wants to know what people do. This particular book is also better suited for very young children – it’s really very basic (and very boring). Hopefully my daughter will be more interested in books about machines and inventions when she is a bit older.


Sheena said...

I love Richard Scarry books now and I especially loved them as a kid. These are great posts about what you are reading each week.

Myztic@FunWithMama said...

thanks so much for getting together the plane books, this is so handy! i plan to buy some of these when we travel in december

Ticia said...

I've found with nonfiction books that my kids are more interested in the anmal ones, than the ones about how the world works.
I'm with you on the Math Start books. If I see one at Half Price Book I always buy it, because they are always fun books to read.