Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ladybug Magazine

We had another good reading week. I stopped by the library by myself and picked up April issue of Ladybug magazine as a test. We had a couple of issues of Babybug at home, and Anna liked to read it. She took to Ladybug after the first reading and wanted to read it… again and again. I am kind of lukewarm to the stories, but maybe I’ll check our local library to see if they also rent out magazines, and then I can get another issue for her. If she continues to like it, I will contemplate getting it for her as part of her Christmas present.

Arthur Goes To School

Anna likes Arthur books, and this one combined one of her favorite characters with one of her favorite activities – flap books. She enjoyed stories on each page – sequencing, counting, reading the story of Three Little Pigs with Arthur, opposites and ABCs. Frankly, sometimes I think that if Anna went to kindergarten now, she would probably be on an average level there with obvious weak points in everything that requires fine motor skills. I am wondering what happens when she actually goes there two years from now.

Me on the Map

I heard so much about this book on the blogs that I couldn’t help checking out. It’s truly a brilliant and elegant introduction into cartography, and I enjoyed it very much. Anna was interested the first few times, but her Ladybug eclipsed all other reading options in the house :) I still think that geography and maps are way over her head, but she knows now that we live in California, and her grandparents live in New Jersey, and she is able to show both on the map of the United States of America (she calls it Merica)

Where are you blue kangaroo

My mom picked this book in the library, and it was quite a hit too. In fact, I am going to look up other books from the same series in the library at home. This book is good for all the kids with special cuddle friends –that’s how Anna calls her kitty Periwinkle. Little Lily almost loses her special kangaroo a few times before she learns to take care of it. Anna took the story to heart, and I noticed significant uptick in her trying to make sure that her kitty doesn’t get lost. Maybe we will let her take him to school after all.


MaryAnne said...

That map book sounds neat - I'll have to see if our library has it.

Christy said...

We like Me On the Map and Arthur books too. My son used to have a subscription to Ladybug but I did not renew it. I like the magazine but I think it is very expensive and could not justify it when we have so many books in our house and a library close by.

Susana said...

We have subscribed all the way from Baby Bug through Cricket (currently) for Hanna. She loves these magazines!

You know my thoughts on Me On the Map:-), and "Blue Kangaroo" was one of our favorite "Kk" books!

Have you ever looked into any of the "Ranger Rick" series for kids? We start with Animal Baby and move up according to age.

Ticia said...

I'll have to pick up the Blue Kangaroo book.
Our library lets us check out magazines, so that's definitely worth checking on.
Also check out Big Backyard and High Five, those are both super cute.

Virginia Lee said...

Thanks for checking out our blog!

I was browsing through yours and came across the "What My Child Is Reading" posts. Is this a blog carnival or just a posting series you do?

Reading is a HUGE part of our homeschool as well as everyday life and I always love to see what books others enjoy.

Mom and Kiddo said...

M 4.5 year old LOVES Ladybug. The stories in some issues are better than in others, but I like that they often use well known authors and illustrators and that there is a variety of reading material.