Thursday, August 20, 2009

It was a great reading week! We went to the local library the very first morning after our arrival and signed babushka up. We left with about 15 books, mostly just based on my previous experience with their authors or picked more or less at random. Here are the best of the crop:

Elmer and the Kangaroo

Just before our departure we picked the first book of Elmer, and Anna really enjoyed it. It’s a delightful book about the patchwork elephant and his friends. New Jersey library only had one in the series, but it was even a bigger hit with my daughter. She really connected to the story, asked very many questions that showed full comprehension, and she even started to play it out with me pretending to be an Elmer. Interestingly, she also asked me why Elmer has –er in the end, and why he is not a monster like Elmo. She really pays a lot more attention at the title and tries to use her phonics powers to read the words.

Penguin Post

This was a random find, and both of us really liked this book. It would be great for new big brothers/sisters or for the ones who are going to become one soon. And it’s also a good read while discussing post office. The illustrations are very detailed and funny, both for children and the adults. It was another book that Anna wanted to replay with me and that prompted her to extend the story by making a quilt (even though it was just mentioned in passing).

My Mommy

This one was also a random find. I really liked this book as a last book to read before bed. It’s short, calming, and the illustrations are really great. Anna is a mommy girl, so she definitely connected to the story of mommy and her girl being together. It has very little text and could be a good early reader. It was a little difficult to explain illustrations though – each picture has also animal pairs that sometimes appear related to the text on the page, but sometimes don’t seem to fit well.

Pepper Journal

I had high hopes when I saw this book in the library. My parents have a cat, and I thought that we can have a “cat week”. But Anna found the story (that is focusing on the calendar and gives a lot of interesting facts about cats) very overwhelming and didn’t want to read a book after the first pass. She had enough good books on her comprehension level to wrack her brains over this one. However, I do recommend it highly for slightly older kids (4+), especially for those who are about to get a cat for the first time.


Pink & Green Mama said...

Thanks for the great book reviews, your site is wonderful. WE are big ELmer the elephant fans around here.

Ticia said...

I've made note of those first two books for when we study elephants, kangaroos, and penguins. They look cute.