Monday, August 3, 2009

Hmm… Maybe eventually I will make a blog carnival out of this topic :) Here are the few things that I wanted to share about the weekend that passed:

Aug1_Pool Don’t tell your toddler about upcoming fun activity until you are absolutely sure that it’s going to happen. I really wanted to go to Monterey Bay aquarium to wrap-up our ocean theme and hinted liberally to Anna all week that we are going to go to a very special place this weekend. However, my husband really didn’t want to go – he found all kinds of reason as to why this weekend is not a good weekend to get up early and drive for 2 hours to Monterey. Eventually I decided that traveling with grumpy husband and a sleep-deprived child who went to bed at 10 pm on Friday is just not worth it. As a result, I fielded questions from my daughter about “the trip to a special place” all weekend promising that we will still go there soon… and we will :)


I learned that my daughter can be quite creative when she has time on her hands and well rested. While I was talking to my husband in the other room, she pulled up the chair, got her markers out and proceeded to create elaborate “connect-the-dots” games on the napkin. She dotted the napkin first, and then connected them. She was very disappointed when she tore the napkin at some point – then the game was over.


Speaking of markers, I was delighted to learn that I won this Crayola Creativity Pack at “Cents”able Momma. I learned about this giveaway (and others) on the new blog by Esme’s mom – Winning Readings. I am so excited – a lot of things in this giveaway are “specialty stuff” that I wouldn’t buy myself. I can’t wait for this package to arrive, so we can try all the new craft supplies.


Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations conducts the Big Curriculum Clean-Out. I would love to win some of the items that already on her giveaway list. Check out her blog for your chances to win books and educational games for your children. She also has just written an interesting and education post about the Workbox System – something that I am contemplating as the way to introduce more self-directed activities for my clingy toddler.


Ticia said...

I'm with you on the don't tell them until it's about to happen. I've made that mistake once or twice and then spent the next month explaining we weren't going on our trip yet.......

Autumn said...

I've totally learned that lesson the hard way (telling kids about something before I was 100% sure we were doing it). Lately, we won't tell Tommy anything unless we are physically in the car on the way there!

Sheena said...

I forgot to thank you for the awards! Thank you! Those were my first. I've been so busy trying to pass it on.

Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

I've learned too not to tell about the event until we're about to leave for it :-). Congrats on winning the Crayola pack! I just got mine in the mail...and my kids are loving it! I'm sure your daughter will have lots of fun.

Susana said...

CONGRATS on the Crayola Pack--I wanted that one badly:-)!! Enjoy it!!