Thursday, August 20, 2009

Aug2_Tracing My virtual friend Shannon at Teaching My Little Bookworm has asked to share curriculums and plans for 2009-2010 school year. I definitely gave a lot of thoughts to our plans.

We are not really homeschooling. I work full time, and Anna will attend a new preschool starting in late August for three mornings a week. On the other two days she has playdates, so mornings are taken care of. Her preschool has theme-based curriculum, and I really like that. I haven’t decided yet whether I will extend whatever preschool theme of the week is or I will use my own theme schedule for afternoon activities and weekend field trips. For now I plan to use my own and adjust it during the year based on Anna’s interests. I would really like for her curriculum at home to be as child-led as possible, and I would also like to give her more time for a free play. So I want to change a few things and actually reduce formal preschool activities that we do every day. I think our week schedule is going to look somewhat like this:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 pm School Playdate School Playdate School
2:00 pm Nap Nap Nap Nap Nap
4:00 pm Books Books Books Books Books
5:00 pm Gymboree Playground Play w mom Art Playground
6:00 pm Gymboree Phonics Art Phonics Free Play
6:30 pm Free play Free play Library Free play Guests
7:30 pm Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
9:00 pm Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

As you see, the only “allocated preschool” time that I currently have planned during work week is our phonics program. I am eagerly awaiting the “Reading in 100 lessons” book that I won at Our Homeschool Fun, but in the meantime I plan to proceed with Progressive Phonics. There is no math or science during work week, but we will work with manipulatives as part of free play and talk about science facts as we read books and do other things during the day.

In addition, here are the sites that I use most while preparing for our “not quite preschool activities”:

Happy teaching!


Keri said...

very nice schedule! lots of free play- and you live by a gymboree gym? SO lucky!!! it must be a hard choice to decide between your own curriculum in the evenings or a preschool extension (especially when YOU are such a good teacher with so many great ideas already! and sometimes Mommy DOES know best!)
thanks for sharing that with me- i STILL need to piece my curr. together for this upcoming year. i go back an forth between a structured "school" setting and a more relaxed, teach lessons as they come schedule (my little one isn't even two yet!) i for sure am doing the itty bitty bookworm literature lessons though!
any ideas on teaching manners?

Our Little Family said...

Gosh, that looks great! I would love to do a Gymboree class with Maddie but they all fall in the afternoons, and that's when I tutor.

I also LOVE the Making Learning Fun and DLTK sites, but don't know Everything Preschool. I'll have to check that out. And, has Anna used Starfall? I actually recommend it for parents of some tutoring students, but had never thought to let Maddie go at it!

Anyway, looks good and you've motivated me to think about what my own plans are going to be.

And by the way, look how GOOD she is holding that marker in the picture!!! Very impressed!!

Ticia said...

I'm impressed with the schedule you have written down. Great job.

Eva said...

Neat! I love how you have each day all planned out by time.. I'm really bad at planning, it's amazing that I have managed to be consistent with monthly curriculum calendars. You've inspired me to come up with my own weekly routine!

Orange Juice said...

Wow! you are managing quite a schedule. And planning so much to time to enrich her education. I love it! You are truly fabulous!