Friday, August 7, 2009

The topic of the week in our house was Things That Fly. I brought home many books on the topic from the library. Here are a few books that we read this week:
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Unfortunately, Anna was really not that interested in the airplanes and other flying objects. I found the books #1 and #4 most appropriate for toddlers, and book #1 (from Particia Hubbell) has gorgeous illustrations that adults will like as well.

Mig the Pig: A Flip-the-Page Rhyme and Read Book

Phonics: We didn’t do a new book from Progressive Phonics this week. I felt that Anna needs a break. But I brought a couple of phonics books from the library about the sounds that we studied for the last three weeks – short a, short e and short i. I also asked Anna to read the simple words in other books. I caught her many times sounding the words out when she was looking at the books by herself, and this is more important to me than mechanical reading on command. She also struggled through the third Bob book. It deals with short o sound, but she was able to “decode” it correctly. I don’t want to make her do Bob books, but I leave one within reach, so she can read it if she feels like it.


Yet again, we didn’t do any “target” activities for math except reading “Turtle Soup” that supposedly had something to do with introducing math concepts. But we have a tangram square hanging on the fridge (made by my husband before we met), and I put a helicopter tangram pattern next to it. By the end of the week Anna figured out how to assemble a helicopter all by herself.


I am actively trying to avoid any letter writing with Anna. I think she is too young to learn how to write letters correctly. When she happens upon tracing letters, she treats them as pictures and just draws them in any way she feels like at the moment. So instead we are doing other activities for fine motor control – tracing, mazes, dot-to-dots. Her favorite tool for writing is markers, and I got enough on back-to-school sales to last us for at least half a year. She also has three different magnetic boards in different parts of the house – some days she draws a lot on them, some days not at all, but it’s interesting to see how aimless squiggles are getting slowly replaced by lines and circles.


We didn’t do a lot of crafts this week, but Anna had a lot of fun making an airplane collage and this simple kite. Actually I wanted to make the kite with a hole and a real string, but while I was figuring out how to fold a piece of construction paper into a kite shape (had to ask husband for help, I am horrible at paper folding), Anna cut a piece of construction paper and declared that this will be a tail of the kite. Then she decorated the rest with stickers and took it outside. She was disappointed that it didn’t fly – maybe today after work we will all go to the park and papa will fly a real kite for us. We also did an open-ended (and very messy) Yellow Print project.

Science and Social Studies – we read the first chapter in Taking Flight book (see above). This is a story of Brothers Wright. The book is way above Anna’s comprehension level, and I am simplifying some of the story as I go along. I guess I should have skipped the page which covered Icarus’ legend, but it had the most compelling picture of a man with wings falling into a sea. Then I spent 10 minutes reassuring her that Icarus’ legend is a fairy tale, and modern planes are perfectly safe. We also discussed in general how things fly and spent some time discussing the wind, especially because the last few days were rather windy. We focused on how we cannot see the wind directly, but we can see its work in moving clouds, flying kites, windmills, waves, etc. Any lab work? Spending a lot of time outside playing in the wind :)

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Christy said...

You did a great job with this! Are you participating in the Muffin Tin Monday; I think the theme for Monday is planes, trains, and automobiles.

Ticia said...

Isn't it funny how while we're getting one last thing together they find something else to finish the project?

Susana said...

I love the her perception of Icarus:-).

Her kite tail is so creative.

You chose some great books this week. I wish I would have gotten some of these for us this week even though we studied "Jj" for jets, planes fly too and this would have interested Joe.

You are such a great teacher--I love reading your detailed posts throughout each week.

Myztic@FunWithMama said...

you guys had a really full week... i like the kite she made :)

Chic Mama said...

You impress me! So organized!

By the way, I have a Kreative Blogger award for you on my personal blog!

Orange Juice said...

You did awesome stuff! I love the tangram. I'm gonna have to check out the pattern! We've never done that.

Jolanthe said...

we really need to do more with tanagrams...must put that on my list. we have the stuff....I just forget! :)

Love the kite! ;)

Michelle said...

I love that she is catching on to simple words and sounding words out! That is great! We avoided letter writing for a long time with my 3rd. He did not like to write! I let him narrate to me, though and found that to be very helpful! He could be creative and tell me lots that he had learned and then I would write it down for me. I am so happy to have some of his early narrations, they are so precious to me! And he is a great writer now!

Great job!