Friday, August 14, 2009

Aug11_MMKite_SM We were continuing with our Things That Fly theme, but we sort of ran out of steam by the end. Anna was often not in the mood, and we spent more time going to the pool and playing that doing even more stuff on planes, kites and balloons. I thought that she will enjoy this M&M balloon, but she was quite lukewarm about it and didn’t want to finish color-coding it with M&Ms. She did count all M&Ms that she placed on the balloon – her 1:1 correspondence has really improved lately, especially when she is counting a set under 10 objects. This, and MathStart books that I wrote about in the previous post was about all that we did around math.


On the positive side, Anna was quite willing to practice independent reading. We progressed to Short O book of Progressive Phonics, and read some stories on Starfall. I described the books that we read in my weekly reading post, but we also made it to the library together on Wednesday and spent an hour or so reading a lighter toddler fare – mostly Dora books and Spot books.


For some reason Anna was not really interested in arts and crafts this week. We did a kite on Sunday, and that was it. I have a hunch that she didn’t nap the rest of the week, since she was acting tired in the afternoon. I was trying to entice her with an open-ended art on Wednesday, but she explicitly said that she doesn’t want to paint. Well, we’ll see if we can join the Open-Ended Art weekly event from New Jersey next week. We practiced our writing skills a little bit by tracing – something that Anna really enjoys. Her writing/drawing tool of choice is markers. I think I got so many on  back-to-school sales that they will last for a year :)

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Christy said...

It's good that you don't push her to do things; she is still so young.

I really like that M&M hot air balloon.

My children always choose markers too!

Susana said...

The M & M balloon is a fun idea for counting.

You are so good with teaching her what she is interested in and knowing in what directions to let her take the lead.

She is doing so well with her reading. Joe shows no interest whatsoever in blending at this point even though he knows all of his letter sounds. I'll keep trying:-).

Mrs Adept said...

My girls are addicted to texta's as well. They do come up brighter than pencils etc.. so maybe that's the attraction?

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Ok, I'm using the balloon and m&m idea! It looks like a lot of fun. And, well, it's an excuse to go buy m&ms. :)

Jolanthe said...

We'd be losing m&m's left and right (just from Mommy eating them!). :)