Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here are some books and other resources that I have collected for the unit about cats. Again, we just barely scratched the surface – we might continue the theme next week, but I plan to spend a lot of time just hanging out, getting used to a new preschool and finding our new schedule. There are also all those new books and toys that papa is bringing us from Germany. Anyway, please download my collection by clicking on the image below.



Nina said...

Just found your blog via Superheroes and Princesses. I too have an October 2006 child, a boy. He is strating preschool and my daughter is starting kindergarten. Yeah, cleaning while no one is fighting. :)

I looked through your Cat theme and wanted to add a book that we really love, forgive me if I didn't see it on your list already.

I Like Cats by Patricia Hubbell. the title is a little boring but the text and the illustrations are wonderful.

johanna said...

fab resource lists thanks!!

MaryAnne said...

Thanks for another theme resource post!