Friday, August 21, 2009

Aug18_AnnaBaba1_SMWe are on the road this week – visiting my family in New Jersey. Anna has a lot of fun playing with all new toys that her doting grandparents prepared for her. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming for her, because she hears a lot of Russian around – something that she is not used to. Unfortunately, the only Russian word that she uses regularly and appropriately is bardak (it means mess). It’s too funny to hear her saying seriously, It’s not a big bardak, it’s only a small bardak. For the first few days she was mostly getting used to the new place, but she learned new things every day – playing grandma’s keyboard, trying out grandparents’ exercise equipment and going to the pool.


 Aug21_Exercise_SM  Aug16_VacaStarts_SM

Aug21_Math_SM But, after all, we did a few things for preschool as well. Anna really enjoyed local library, because it also has play area for young children with good selection of puzzles and a play kitchen. She read many new books and did one of the workbooks that her babushka bought for her about life on the farm. I also brought our Care Bears math book that I bought in the Dollar Tree, and she did a couple of pages. She drew pictures with her new markers. Interestingly, she only draws two things – faces and balloons, but now she adds more details – blue sky for the balloon picture or a line for the body if she draws a face. When I draw with her, she insists that my stick figures should have all Aug21_Puzzles_SM the proper anatomic details – fingers, toes, etc. She also tries out her reading powers more and more often – it’s amazing for me to see my daughter getting closer to independent reading every day. She recognizes a few short sight words and also decodes short words that are based on phonic rules. She asks me constantly to read a particular word to her, and then I try to explain why the word is pronounced that way. We finished short O sound in Progressive Phonics, and I also have short U sound for the next week. It’s actually quite amazing how much she can accomplish in 15 minutes if she is really in the mood for learning, but still our objective here is to relax and have fun before our next year of real preschool and work.

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Christy said...

It's great that she is enjoying spending time with family.

Michelle said...

You mean this isn't real preschool?! {smile} Sounds like you are having a nice visit. That is too cute that she is speaking Russian - even if it is only one word. *Ü*

Susana said...

I love the picture of Anna and her grandmother!

It is one of my favorite things to watch their picture creating emerge through drawing--my absolute favorite when they begin drawing themselves and family pictures.

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

awww she is so cute! she is concentrating sooo hard on her work.... looks like she has a great attention span

Jolanthe said...

Isn't it so much fun watching things "click" in their little minds? :)

And you are TOO having real school with her - wherever you are!!

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Sarah said...

What a blessing to spend time with family. That library sounds blissful.