Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Note to myself: Do not start painting projects while wearing an office outfit. Bad things will happen to your clothes, and even the washing machine sometimes cannot fix them.

Aug5_Prints1_SM OK, this project was another royal mess. It started relatively well. Anna was rummaging in her paints box and found a small rubber stamp with an ink pad that we bought at Target for $1. She wanted to make prints, and I thought that this will be a good opportunity to make our yellow prints. So off we went outside with a set of playdough cookie cutters and a rubber stamp. Oh, yes, with yellow paint too. As I found out quickly enough the rubber stamp completely didn’t work with tempera paint. All it did was blobs of paint on the paper. I managed to convince Anna not to roll a stamp covered by paint on an Aug5_Prints2_SMink pad and switch to cookie cutters instead. Unfortunately, she wasn’t interested in it much and asked hopefully, Handprints? From there things went to town. She is not really interested in making any sort of prints when she has her hands full of paint. She just loves to squish it around on the paper covering all available surface. It’s almost like she challenges herself just how quickly she can do it. I managed to snap a picture of those prints before they were fully covered in yellow. On the positive note, Anna clearly enjoyed this mess-making this time. She was chatting to herself, clearly very pleased with her masterpiece. Luckily for me she doesn’t touch her hair or her clothes with her “painty” hands, but she was happy to show me just how painty they are:

Aug5_Prints3_SM And to find out what others are doing with yellow prints, visit Open Ended Art at Teaching My Little Bookworm. Maybe others are not as messy as us :)


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

great prints! See she is coming around and liking maybe even loving open art

Susana said...

Bless her heart--that is the sweetest picture of her with those yellow hands!!

She had fun and did a super job!

I will be writing a post about the workbox questions soon--will probably take me a bit to get it compiled. Thank you so much for the questions--I love answering them and love getting ideas like that for helpful post topics!

Anna is such a smart girl, BTW!

Michelle said...

Emily does the same thing...we start a project and if paint is involved she wants to do fingerprints or handprints!!

Anna's projects came out really cute! It looks like she is enjoying them :0)

Zonnah said...

She looks so happy with her yellow hads :) How sweet.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I love the mess - she is so adorable! Looks like she had a lot of fun - I think that's what art should be all about! :) Great job, Anna!

Our Little Family said...

I've been reading your blog for a bit now and wanted to stop in and say that I always like reading it and getting ideas. Your daughter is so cute (and smart!) and I really enjoy reading your thoughts as well.

We participated in the open-ended art this week (for the first time) and had a great time, though my daughter probably would have LOVED to do handprints, too! :)

Looks like she had a fabulous time!