Monday, August 24, 2009

Aug24_Aquarium_SMWe finally got out on the field trip today – we went with grandparents to Brooklyn Aquarium. The trip brought back memories of my first few years in America, when I lived in Brooklyn. We went by car, and crossed three famous bridges – George Washington Bridge from New Jersey to Manhattan, Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn, and then we took Verrazano Bridge as an alternative route home. Anna was highly entertained by the ride – she has never seen such big buildings before, and it’s been a while since we took her to our own famous bridge – Golden Gate.

Aquarium (Anna keeps calling it canarium) itself was very fascinating… for adults. Anna liked it OK, but not as much as I thought she would. She is not a big fan of dark places, and the best part of aquarium were the underground passages where one can observe sea creatures in their natural habitat. I had to carry her a lot before she felt somewhat more confident. Big animals (walruses, sea lions, sharks) really freaked her out, but she enjoyed seeing seahorses, jellyfish and coral reef fish. She kept asking if there is a play area for kids here. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any, and generally this aquarium didn’t have a lot of “see and touch” exhibits – mostly “see and read” stuff. But knowing my daughter, I am confident that she would like a repeat visit a lot more, since she always needs time to digest an entirely new experience and will know what to expect next time. Obviously, we will not go again here, but I will still lobby papa for a drive to our own famous Monterey Aquarium some time soon.


Susana said...

Even though the walruses weren't Anna's favorite--I think they sound pretty cool:-). This aquarium sounds awesome.

You are having lots of fun from what it sounds like. I hope you continue to enjoy your trip and your time with family too!

whisperingwhispers said...

It sounds like you all had fun at the Aquarium. I am hoping to take Selena to Seattle where they do have a hands on aquarium for the kids. I am anxious to see how Selena reacts to all the different sea life they have there.

Nadia@FunWithMama said...

That reminds me, i need to take my son to the aquarium. it looks like she had a lot of fun! i think he'd enjoy it too! thanks for sharing

Our Little Family said...

Gosh, Maddie sounds SO much like Anna!! We recently went to OUR local aquarium and Maddie just wasn't a fan of the dark areas (or the jellyfish or sharks or even otters...!).

Anyway, it sounds like you guys are having a great vacation. :) I've been to the Monterey Aquarium several times; we go up to Monterey/Carmel every year for our anniversary. Great place!