Monday, August 17, 2009


Anna has a new habit. She climbs in front of the computer with a very serious expression on her face and says, I need to check my email! I admit that I use this phrase almost every evening with her, when I need five minutes to myself. Her papa has left for his own personal vacation in Germany today, he’ll be visiting his parents while I am staying with Anna at my parents’ place. He hasn’t left the house yet, when she said that she needs to write him an email. After she played enough with keyboard, I told her to tell me what she wants to write, and I will type it for her. Here is what came out:

Dear papa! I love you very much! I am playing with a computer now. I want to give you hugs and kisses. Bye now.

I printed it and gave it to papa as a nice little present from his daughter, so he misses her properly while away from her for the very first time in three years. I bet he will be missing her.


Our Little Family said...

How sweet!! I'm sure he will absolutely miss her and treasure her email. :)

I was recently thinking about all the words that our tots know, as opposed to the words that we learned when we were younger: email, laptop, ect. My phone buzzed a few days ago and Maddie handed it to me, saying, "Got a text message." Ha!

Mama Jenn said...

What a cute idea!!!

MaryAnne said...

so cute!

Susana said...

She is so sweet:-). I hope your family is safe while going your separate ways and all enjoy yourselves very, very much too!

S said...

That is very sweet! I don't doubt he'll miss her very much.