Thursday, July 9, 2009

This is the winner of the week. I picked this book from the library (couldn't find the one with "a" sound), and Anna was asking to read it again and again. The story is pretty engaging and somewhat (not always) rhyming. An artsy hen gets pens, runs out of paper and starts zigzagging on everyone's eggs. It has a nice mix of simple vocabulary and rarer words that Anna asked me to define - patterns and begs. From my observations, Anna likes the books that she can nearly memorize, and I have a pretty funny video of her "reading" this book. After success of this book, I definitely plan to pick up others from this series of Usborne Phonics Readers.
I picked up this book from the suggestion in one of my book lists, and I wasn't disappointed. It's a really nice story about the bear trying to get rid of his unwanted companion - his shadow. The book introduces pretty complicated concepts about how shadow changes when the sun in the sky changes positions. I felt that those scientific concepts didn't quite register with Anna, and looked vaguely disturbed at times, especially during the page where the Moonbear was trying to bury his shadow, but she asked to read the book many times and kept it for another week - always a good sign.
We took this book from the library earlier this year. During her visit last week Anna saw it on the shelf and wanted to read it again. This story is great for the gardening unit, especially for people who live in the places where spring is clearly visible. Sometimes I wonder what Anna makes of all the stories that have snow or the earth emerging from under the snow. She is able to label what is happening, but she has never seen the snow in her entire life. Well, we don't have to see things to believe in their existence, right? I am not sure that she got the point about Molly's surprise garden though. She always gets very agitated when the seeds from Molly's packets flow away. I was trying to reassure her that they didn't really flew away, they just fell to the ground randomly, but it doesn't feel to me that she understands this concept.
This story was a front runner in the beginning of the week, but lost steam later and was chosen by Anna to be returned to the library. But I liked the book, because it encouraged Anna to play pretend games - she pretended to be a stuck truck or various vehicles coming to help. I found illustrations to be very interesting - they look three-dimensional, because they are done with oils on modeling clay. It's also fun to see what happens to the load of the truck as the story progresses. It's a good reading for both boys and girls.

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Autumn said...

My Truck is Stuck is a favorite in our house! I'll have to try Moonbear's Shadow, since Tommy is becoming increasingly fascinated with his shadow.

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

we love Hens Pens and my truck is stuck

johanna said...

i just found your blog today and its really cool.. will be reading regularly..
my son loves the usborne phonics readers especially toad makes a road!! and goose on the loose is a goody too!!

Elsie said...

My son loves "My Truck is Stuck"! Lot's of great books:) I love your layout for your blog. It looks great on the spiral sheets! We will definitely try Moonbear Shadow since we are learning about the moon this week. Thanks!