Thursday, July 30, 2009

This was our second week deep in the ocean theme. Not surprisingly, we continued to read books related to ocean and its inhabitants.


This book was a winner of the week. I can see why – the language is simple, the story is engaging and the rhythm is very calming. Anna asked very many questions – I always love this. She was disturbed by the fact that Swimmy’s brothers and sisters died on the second page, but it generated some good discussions about “circle of life” and realities of wild life. I loved illustrations, and I am still trying to figure out what technique was used to produce them. Perhaps I should look it up online :)

Finding Nemo

This one might have been a winner of the week, but at some point I “misplaced” it and “couldn’t find it” any longer. I really dislike books made out of the movies (especially out of Disney movies), and I only got it from the library, because I was thinking about watching the movie with Anna. In my mind the movie was rather intense for someone under 3, and I wanted to gauge her reaction by introducing the book first. However, the book is really bad and keeps skipping between Nemo and his father. I know that this is in line with the movie, but it really doesn’t work in a book. Anna was very lost very quickly, but still fascinated with the pictures. Eventually I decided to try out the movie, and after 10 minutes she asked me to turn it off, because it’s too scary. So much for Finding Nemo, we will try again in a year or so.

MSB Takes A Dive

Anna liked this book, but not as much as others. I think it was too much text for her, and too much focus on animal (and human) partnership. She is a little bit like Wanda in this book and doesn’t necessarily enjoy being paired up with someone. Like the other MSB book that we tried earlier this year, it’s quite over her comprehension level. She still has trouble distinguishing truth from fiction, and she couldn’t understand how the kids turned into sea creatures and then back into human kids. She wasn’t interested in the part about how the coral reef grows, but was interested in the parts about looking for the treasure and pretended to look for the treasure in her pretend games later.

Baby Beluga

I am probably the last person on Earth (or at least in Northern America) who didn’t listen to any Raffi songs. I picked up a CD in the library last time, but unfortunately it didn’t have a Baby Beluga song on it. Anna was OK with a book, but not as interested as I thought she will be. I even tried to show her a YouTube video with a song, but for some reason she didn’t even want to watch it to the end. I still think that I will get a soundtrack, try to learn a song with her, and then bring back this book from the library again, because I liked both the book and the song very much.

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Christy said...

Swimmy is one of our favorites! We used red Swedish fish and a black m&m to make the school of fish at the end of the book. C and R enjoyed that!

Laughing Stars said...

Those look like terrific books -- great for beach weather. :-)

S said...

I've never heard of Raffi either! My girls love belugas. We'll be checking that one out. Thanks :)

Ticia said...

I loved Raffi growing up. He's got some great kids songs.
Swimmy is another great book that has so many fabulous activities to do with it.
Magic School Bus ones are aimed for a little higher, but they sure look intriguing for this age range.