Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last week I stopped at the library on my way back from work without Anna and had chance to hunt for books without trying to fend off a toddler wanting to read something right now (and never wanting to stop). As a result, we had a great reading week with many stars.

Ted's Shed

The winner this week is this book from Usborne Phonics Readers. For some reason Anna is fascinated with the books. The pictures are engaging, and the characters repeat between books. She was extremely excited to meet a Fat Cat from another book in these series, and she found the whole project of building a caravan out of a shed very funny. She had some questions about caravans and was shocked to see a donkey pulling it. I tried to explain to her about the time when people didn’t have cars and traveled with horses, but she has never seen it yet. I have never seen the horse pulling anything in our Silicon Valley either :)

If You Take a Mouse To School

Anna and I are big fans of Laura Numeroff books. I brought this one from the library together with If You Give a Pig a Party. Strangely, the school book was a lot more popular with Anna. She had a lot of questions about the events and wanted to have the same bricks as Mouse used to build a Mouse House. My winner was If You Give a Pig a Party, because I really liked how an illustrator brought characters from other books together as friends of a Pig. I think Anna didn’t like it quite as much, because she has very definite plans for her own birthday party and the book didn’t align with them.

This is a sequel to our winner of a few weeks Where Are You Going Little Mouseago – Whose Mouse Are You? First Anna didn’t warm up to this book. I think the idea of running away from home and trying to get different family didn’t appeal to her at all. I tried not to emphasize how scary the outside world looks to the Mouse of this book, but praised her bravery in trying to learn things on her own. Anna certainly liked the ending and always smiled happily at the page where Mouse’s family comes to get her. It’s an excellent book for early readers, and I will certainly get it again from the library at some point.

Mr Seahorse

Anna was lukewarm about this book last week, but really took to it after our trip to the ocean. It makes perfect sense to me – she always likes books better, if she “gets” what’s going on. I liked it when she asks questions about words or events in the book – it means that she really listens. It cracked me up when I asked her yesterday, How are you today? and she replied with the phrase from this book Tip-top, mama! As for me, it was Eric Carle at its best – calming, cheerful and colorful.


E and T said...

It's always fascinating learning about books that other children enjoy. The only one on your list that we have read is Mister Seahorse. At the moment, Imagine, by Alison Lester is a favourite here.

Just a comment on your previous post, usually when we paint, we find the most "productive" time to do it is early in the morning. Also we try and work with a few different tools - sponges, anything that can be used for stamping (toilet rolls, lids, leaves, pebbles, bubble wrap etc) and we try and mix up what we are using as our canvas - sometimes we paint on little stones we have collected, other days we may use egg shells (that have been drained), or canvas etc. No matter what, it is always a sensory experience where new discoveries are made and who knows what will unfold.


Ticia said...

I'm with you on loving Laura Joffe Numeroff books. I keep almost buying the treasury of her "If You Give...." books, but never quite do it because I own them all separately. Still, it's tempting because it has some fun activities.