Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As I mentioned before, we are not doing any formal curriculum this year. We even pick up books in the library more or less at random – mostly based on various recommendations I found on the net. I think that next year I would like to become a little more “thematic” in our weekly activities, and book-based curriculum seems best suited for our daughter. That’s why I was quite interested to pick up this book in the library. Obviously, it has a predecessor, but it was checked out. Story stretchers has 18 different themes with 5 books and 5 activities per book, so there is total of 450 activities to choose from. As always, I found books and activities that my daughter would find appealing – for example, learning to wash clothes by hand (activity for one of my personal favorites – A Pocket for Corduroy) and some books appeared to be way over her head (for example, Madeline). The book is targeted more towards preschools with instructions on how to set up their housekeeping centers, drama centers, library centers, etc. for each of the story stretcher, but majority of the activities can be adapted for home environments. It did make me sad that Anna’s preschool is not set up for book-based learning, but I already complained about it previously. I am not prepared to buy this book just yet, but I put it on my wish list on Paperbackswap.com. Maybe I’ll get lucky there :) In the meantime I am following closely a wonderful blog – Teaching My Little Bookworm and learning a lot in process.


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

i like story stretchers too! my new fave is starting with stories! its a great story extender book!