Saturday, July 4, 2009

When I interact with Anna, sometimes I am blown away by how much she resembles me in so many ways. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I married someone who is not a carbon copy of me, but has a lot of the same interests and has the same personality traits – loves books, very talkative with friends and speaks fluently the second language of his second country, doesn’t blow up in anger, conservative in personal morals and liberal on social issues. Some people even told us that we look similar. Anna inherited the best features from her papa – blue eyes and curly hair, but otherwise she looks exactly like me, when I was a child. She also behaves a lot like me, when I was a child (at least, according to the family lore). Most of the time, she is in a good mood, cooperative and reserved. She prefers adults or older kids, and she doesn’t like to stray away from us. We never had the problem of her just disappearing to be close to some action. She is not fearful or shy, but she is not adventurous or gregarious either. I think I could describe her as “an observer” – she likes to watch something rather than participate herself. She prefers to play by herself, and has yet to ask for a playdate or for going outside to see her friends in the neighborhood. She is better with children when they are 1:1 than when she is in a bigger crowd. In other words, so far she appears to be a happy introvert – just like me. She got some character features from her father too, and it’s amusing to see them shine through. She has a very strong feeling of what is wrong and what is right. Yesterday we read a Disney spoof book called Little Red Writing Pooh. At some point Pooh starts eating honey meant for grandma. Anna jumped up and said, No, Pooh, stop! This is grandma’s honey! This made me laugh, because she clearly inherited this sense of rightness and ownership from her papa. She is also pretty neat and organized for a toddler – another trademark that didn’t come from me. I wonder if we will have a teenager who likes to keep her room clean. Well, remembering myself, I am not exactly holding my breath on this one :)

How about you? Does your child behave like you? How do you feel, when he/she doesn’t? I admit – I don’t know how I would deal if my child wouldn’t be so much like me. Would I be able to appreciate her uniqueness or would it feel like I have a stranger in my house? I guess I will not find out, since we don’t plan to go for more children.