Friday, July 31, 2009

image We are wrapping up our second Ocean week. It was fun, even though Anna was not really interested in any printables except her Progressive Phonics book. We are going through “Short i” book. This book introduced the first “wrinkle” in rule-based phonics – the word I. It’s not even an exception word, but Anna finds it difficult to understand why she has to use short i for all the other words in this book and long i for this one. Clearly we didn’t move to sight reading at all yet, even though she can guess the nouns by looking at the pictures and at the first letter of the word. She sounds out and blends nicely though, and, more importantly, she enjoys our “reading games”, and I always make a point of trying to stop her before she wants to stop.

We read a lot of Ocean books, grew fish out of foam capsules, ate a hot dog octopus and made a couple of projects:

July25_Whale_SM  July26_Octopus_SM

We didn’t do much on math this week. Anna does count to herself, when she plays, but it’s usually only to 10. OK, maybe I shouldn’t say “only”, after all, she is not even 3 yet :).

Since we spent a lot of time on fish, she learned the names for different inhabitants of the ocean, and some basic facts – what they eat (she doesn’t like the fact that they eat each other, but, hey, it’s a fact of life. We eat them too!), if they live close to the shore or in the deep, how we catch them (fishing poles, nets, harpoons). I am also try to introduce her to non-fiction literature with mixed success:


I brought this book from the library together with other ocean books, but it’s not a fiction book. When I started reading it to Anna, after a couple of pages she looked at me and asked, Are you talking to me or to you? I admit that some of the material in the book is way above her level. In fact, I learned a few things from this book that I never knew before – for example, that there are two distinct kind of whales – with teeth and without teeth. I moved the book to Anna’s restroom, where we keep a choice of books for Anna to select for reading while she does her business. She is just like the rest of the family – a bathroom reader :) Usually I read her one book, then she looks at another book by herself. With this setup I don’t expect unassisted potty going to happen any time soon, but I digress. She did warm up to this book over time and started to ask some questions related to the content. She especially liked the page that described whale watching and keeps saying that she wants to go and see whales. Hmm… maybe this fall. As for “scientific facts”, she did learn a few from this book that she shared with her kitty:

  • Whales are not fish, they are… whales
  • There are big whales and small whales
  • Their tail is a fluke
  • They can swim very far
  • Dolphins are also whales.

I think that’s enough biology for this age. Now to see what others did this week, visit Preschool Corner


Jolanthe said...

Kaleb still won't count for me when I ask him too, although I hear him on his own counting. :) He just gives me a blank look even if I try to start him.

Looks like you all had fun with the ocean theme these last few weeks! Those are some great facts to know ~ she picked up some good stuff while...well. :)

Thanks for joining up with us.

Michelle said...

What a great week! We are working up to starting the letter W -I'm going to see if our library has that book. Fun facts!

Susana said...

I can't even get Joe to blend yet and he's four! He seems not to comprehend it yet, we'll get there:-).

You do so much teaching with her and she picks it up so quickly--you're a great teacher!

You are having fun with the ocean study too it seems. That's really cute how she responded to the non-fiction whale book:-).

Elsie said...

That's great that you are introducing non fiction books. It is a great way to bring in science and social studies in a more playful fun way:) Anna is doing awesome for a three year old!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

MoziEsmé said...

I'm impressed with the whale knowledge! I've had a few such books that my 2yo has actually gotten into (at least the pictures) - though I sometimes abbreviate the text or read only the headlines. But I know a whole lot about coral reefs and photosynthesis and other such things now!