Friday, July 17, 2009

This is our second week in Preschool Corner. Here is a sample of "school-like" activities that we've done this week.
Reading - we continue with the first book in Beginner Phonics at Progressive Phonics. There is also an activity book that comes as a supplement, and Anna likes to read the word and then put a sticker on top of the word. She quite enjoys her "reading book", and I always make sure that I stop this activity before she gets tired, so she is not frustrated.
Here is a short clip of Anna reading:

Math: We sorted ladybugs by size - that required a little guidance. I got Ladybugs here:
As we were sorting by size I got out a measuring tape to show Anna how we can measure the size with it. She was very fascinated and spent good 20 minutes "measuring" her ladybugs and other objects. Of course she doesn't do it properly, but I think it helps her understand that those numbers on the tape actually mean something.
Arts: We had fun doing an open-ended activity with tissue (tearing and gluing) as part of Open-Ended Art Carnival. Anna was very pleased with her efforts:


MaryAnne said...

That clip of Anna reading is really neat!

Ticia said...

love the clip of her reading. Have you ever looked at She's not up to it yet, but you'd probably really love it in a year or so. I just got my subscription and am loving using it to supplement what we're doing.

Christy said...

I cannot believe your daughter is reading already! Fantastic!

Orange Juice said...

she is a SMART gal!

Eva said...

wow! your daughter has great reading skills :) Thanks for sharing your activities, I think I'll try the ladybug one too

Susana said...

WOW! You are doing a fabulous job--I am so impressed with her reading!!

The tape measuring is a super idea too!

Mrs Adept said...

I love the ladybug idea. Thanks for the reminder about the progressive phonics thing too. I keep thinking I need to go back there, but time is a bit short on this end. :)