Monday, July 27, 2009


Usually we try to cram a lot of things into our weekends – seeing friends, going places, shopping. But this weekend we decided to keep it very low-key. Anna was sort of anxious lately and it looked like she needs some downtime. So all this weekend she and I were mostly hanging out around the house, the backyard and our neighborhood pool. She still wanted to do projects every day, so we continued our ocean theme with 3d projects – a paper bag whale and an octopus out of a toilet paper. I’ll post about them later. I also bought her this fishing game from Melissa and Doug at TJ Maxx last week, and it’s been a big hit. Anna loved “fishing” and busily cooked the fish she caught in her play kitchen. July26_Gluing_SM

I could also make some observations regarding open-ended projects. It seems that Anna is always more ready to try something independently when she has completed a guided activity and satisfied with its result. Then she is in a good mood and sometimes wants to do more. Yesterday she just went back to our working table after she put out her octopus project to dry and continued for 15 minutes to cut and glue remaining scraps of construction paper to the yellow paper. Hmm…. maybe I can enter this into “yellow collage” open-ended festival this week :)

Surprise Garden

I also observed the first attempt at creative writing this weekend. We have read Surprise Garden book a few weeks ago, and Anna kept talking that we should plan our garden. It’s possible that she was influenced by multiple discussions in our house about making changes in the landscape of our backyard, but last night she grabbed her notebook and pencil and started scribbling while talking to herself, I am going to plan our vegetable garden. Here there will be a tomato bush, and here there will be strawberries. We also need an apple tree and… we need butterfly food, because butterfly need to eat too. And here is the hole where the seeds go. And here is dirt where the seeds go… And a flower bed. Oh, and we also need a chocolate bush to grow chocolates for us. It will be a very good garden! I just felt that I needed to capture this burst of creativity for the future enjoyment.


Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh wow! I can't believe she was jotting stuff down and planning a garden - that is so cute! And very creative! I'm so impressed... you have every reason to be a proud mommy!

MaryAnne said...

I would love a chocolate bush in my garden! What a great little planner she is!

My daughter loves to glue paper on paper the way Anna did over the weekend. Sometimes she says she's making something elaborate, and sometimes she just says she's gluing paper.

Eva said...

mmm a chocolate bush! She should come over and plan my garden :) I'm terrible at gardening!

Ps- I gave you an award on my blog

Myztic said...

i have the fishing game too and my son loves it!! definately a great buy! :) she looks so cute pasting