Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have several confessions to make:

  • This is the first ever picture of my daughter in the skirt. She spent her first 30+ months in pants.
  • She doesn’t play with dolls. She does have one or two, but she is utterly indifferent to them. Her most favorite toy is right here with her in this picture.
  • She doesn’t have any princess dress-up costumes, and she doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in Disney princesses when she sees them prominently displayed in every bookstore we go.
  • She never had any make-up – real or pretend. I hardly use any myself.
  • She doesn’t like to be called “Princess”. She always corrects and says, I am not a princess! I am mama’s daughter and papa’s Mouse!
  • I really-really want to keep things this way. I have nothing against fairy tales, but I rather envision my daughter as Hermione, not Sleeping Beauty. But I am not going to deny her a princess phase if and when she wants to have one. I just want it to be her choice, not the one that is “suggested” by Disney marketing folks. Let’s see how long it lasts. She did watch Cinderella a week ago and informed me that evening that she doesn’t want to be a pilot any longer when she grows up – she wants to be a queen. Notice that she decided wisely to go for a top title :)


Michelle said...

Queen, too cute!

I think we can teach our daughters to be feminine without the disney princess mentality. Our daughter is a "princess" because she is a daughter of the King! She has never even seen a princess Disney movie. I do want to encourage her to be a "girl" though. I was not raised to be feminine, but I want to raise my dd to be feminine. Oh, I don't care for make up either.

MaryAnne said...

My daughter goes in and out of the princess phase. For a while she would only wear dresses, but before that she only wanted to wear Thomas the train clothes - even though she hadn't seen the show! Now she only wants to wear a t-shirt and shorts, every single day... She does say she's a princess, but it doesn't seem to be tied to a Disney-type role.

Hermione sounds like a great role model for a little girl :)

S said...

My girls are princesses through and through, but then again they are spies, robots, scientists, and wizards on any given day. Funny that I should have two totally girly-girls when I was much like your description of your daughter as a child. I didn't set out to raise princesses, it just happened that way. Disney is big at our house but they are just as likely to ask for Wall-E as Snow White. On the other hand, my son has always enjoyed the princess movies as much as the others and had a couple of dolls growing up. He begged me for a princess Dora doll for his 4th birthday. He's very much a BOY though!

Eva said...

Yeahh I don't think my daughter really understands the terms princess and queen, even though I was trying to teach it to her for our Qq day haha. She really hasn't had any exposure to any of that disney stuff either besides winnie the pooh, and we don't have cable tv. She is really a girly girl though and loves to dress up and she loves to change her dresses more than once a day (which is frustrating for me b/c I really rather NOT do more laundry). I don't know where she gets it from because I have always been more of a tomboy type.. I too don't wear makeup, and totally prefer flat shoes over heels.. my daughter lovesss dress shoes though, and wants to wear them all the time even though they're for special occassions! I guess every child has a different personality.. :)

Ticia said...

You know my daughter's nickname is Princess, but in truth she's more a pirate princess than Disney. She carries around Sleeping Beauty and then hits her brother on the head with a foam sword......
Of course, I'm also teaching her that a princess is someone who cares for people, the true old-fashioned idea of princess.

Keri said...

ha! that is too stinkin cute! you are a fabulous mom cuz you let her be herself. and thats how it should be- not trying to fit in and be like everyone else. i think she is pretty dang smart for wanting to be queen right away, too! no sense waiting around in the lower ranks!

Infant Bibliophile said...

Love the queen comment! Smart girl.