Tuesday, July 14, 2009

After reading various blogs, I decided that I will also try to center all our weekly activities with Anna around theme of the week. Of course, it requires more preparation, but once I decided on the approach, I actually started to enjoy the hunt for materials related to the topic on the Net. My husband is overall in agreement with the idea, even though we haven't discussed it yet in detail. I want to "pilot" this in August before and during our vacations with two first themes - Airplanes and New York (We are staying in NJ, but I am hoping to take one or two day trips to New York during our two week stay there).
I am collecting materials in the following areas (doesn't mean that I am going to hit all of them in a week, but I'd rather have more than not enough):
  • Books to read
  • Songs
  • Online puzzles/games
  • Art projects (i.e. coloring pages)
  • Crafts projects (for example, Styrofoam airplane template)
  • Science projects - not for every week, but during airplane week it will be predicting what will fly and discussing in very simple terms why
  • Cook Together - I found a fun recipe of a cucumber airplane
  • Field trips (we will fly to NJ close to the end of our airplane week)
  • Independent reading - we will just continue with Progressive Phonics for now
  • Writing - connect ABC templates, tracing of an object that is related to a theme of a week
  • Math - pattern blocks, counting and/or measuring "objects of the week"
  • Social Studies/Culture (for example, a little bit about history of America when we go see the Statue of Liberty)
  • Virtues (Patience, Sharing, etc.)
You might have noticed that religion is missing from this list. We are not religious, and we will cover age appropriate religious topics in culture and social studies. However, I plan themes for major holidays that are celebrated by us or by our close friends - Christmas, Easter, Hanukkah, Passover and Diwali (Indian fall holiday).
Stay tuned as we pilot the program in August :) If you have any suggestions on our "not quite curriculum", please let me know in the comments section.


Christy said...

I LOVE themes. We have theme days on occasion too. Tomorrow I will have a post about a theme day we had this past weekend. When we learned about NY, we made Statue of Liberty headbands and torches - you can find the directions on my blog - and my kids loved that. Maybe I'll do an airplane day because we have an airplane trip coming up. Great ideas.

pucktricks said...

Looks like a great theme. I'm constantly noting ideas for themese I'm planning on doing in the future. You can find information for almost anytheme you want to do.

E and T said...


I have just popped over to your blog via the comment you left at 4 Crazy Kings.

I am also thinking about using themese as a way to organise activities we do within a week. You have a comprehensvie list as to what types of resources you plan to use.

My little girl loves dressing up, puppets and role playing sorts of activities, so the only thing I could suggest would be some kind of drama activity.


Orange Juice said...

Of course you KNOW I love themes! I hope you all enjoy doing them. I will be getting back into my regularly scheduled programming (haha) really soon. I'm a little backed up with things and stressed to get it all together and out right now.

MaryAnne said...

I haven't tried themes with my kids yet although I've thought about it, so I'm curious how things go with Mouse.

Eva said...

Awesome! Once I'm through with the alphabet I really want to try and cover more interest areas, like reading, writing, math, and science -I think are a few we're lacking in in our activities.