Friday, July 31, 2009


In the beginning of July I wrote a post about our July plans. Not all of them came to fruition. We definitely didn’t make any progress on patterns, and Anna is still not a fan of coloring even though she takes writing instrument a lot more nowadays for drawing or scribbling. I think our two main accomplishments of the month was finding a general planning approach that works for me, and finding a “learning to read” method that seems to work for Anna, at least for now. I plan to continue with themes of the week throughout the year, and now I actually enjoy planning and preparing for activities in advance, even though I still try not to do anything more elaborate that printouts and cutouts. And I definitely plan to continue with Progressive Phonics reading system. I am encouraged that Anna likes the books and enjoys our reading time together.

Our next theme starts on Monday and will be Things that Fly. We are going to read and do projects with planes, helicopters, balloons, and kites. And the theme will end with our own plane ride to New Jersey, to visit my parents. Our papa will fly with us, but will go off on vacation of his own – to visit his parents in Germany. It will be the first time he will spend any time away from Anna since she was born. I already promised to Anna that we will go to New York City while we visit New Jersey. This is our second theme of the month – Big City. I don’t think that we will spend a lot of time on academic pursuits during our vacation – the goal is for Anna to spend as much time with her grandparents as possible. My father says that he will be teaching her Russian – maybe he’ll have more luck than me. I do admit that every time she sees them she learns a handful of Russian words. We’ll see. I will still be online and blogging, but I am also looking forward to seeing my parents, spending time with my best friends who live in the area and maybe sneaking out for a few trips to New York on my own, if the weather allows it.


Chic Mama said...

I am glad that you have found a plan that you both enjoy! That is so important!

Have a wonderful vacation!

Elise said...

It's been a little while, but it has been wonderful to stop by and catch up on all your happenings.

Thank you so much for the awards. I am delighted to be included in this. It was interesting to learn more about you from your list of ten fun facts about you.

I have the same shopping addiction as you. I am forever coming home with bits and pieces that I plan to use in upcoming craft projects.

You and Anna have certainly been busy creating and learning together.

I love that she wanted to make her shark out of leaves.

Hope you have a relaxing, fun and safe holiday.

Christy said...

We never get to everything we plan either. My kids had a blast in NYC last month; I'm sure Ann will too.