Thursday, June 4, 2009

Please and Thank You BookWhile getting to know my fellow bloggers writing about young children, I came across this lovely site - Chronicle of an Infant Bibliophile. An author of that site brought me to another site - The Well Read Child that has a weekly feature called What My Child is Reading This Week. Since we love books and go to the library every week to refresh our reading selection, I thought I will participate in it as well. So what is my child reading this week? Mostly the books that we brought from the library. We have a lot of children books at home, but she likes new books (same things with new toys). However there were two books from her own collection that were in favor this week.

Oh, A-Hunting We Will Go. We got this book at the library book sale. I don't like the book that much, but Anna is fascinated with the pictures. She also likes to make up her own silly verses set to the motive of her favorite songs, and this book is built that way - children pretend to go hunting and pretend to catch various animals. Anna's favorite is about a snake that is being put in the cake. She always giggles and says that this is silly.

The other favorite from our own collection was a German picture book with moving parts about a harbor . I think she mostly likes it because I don't refuse to read it, and I read it in English, so she understands it better than when her father reads it to her in German. Usually I don't read her German books, because I don't know the language well enough to read the story.

We also brought a few books from the library. Lately Anna was very interested in maps (we have a GPS navigator in the car, and she also watches Dora occasionally). So I brought her As the Roadrunner Runs: A First Book of Maps and National Geographic Beginners World Atlas. She liked the first book a lot, but she didn't ask to keep it for another week. Usually she wants to keep reading her favorite books for more than one week.

Our library has a big stand with toddler picture books selections, and she pulled two from the stand and insisted that we take them home. They were Clifford's Happy Mother's Day and The Night Before First Grade. Don't ask me why The Night Before First Grade was on the toddler shelf, but Anna actually liked it and asked a lot of good questions about the content. She didn't want to read Clifford even once, when we brought home. Good, because I can't stand this series either.

My favorite out of our haul last week was When I Was Five. It's a delightful and funny story about little boy's tastes and how they changed when he became six. Anna liked the story and enjoyed tracking Jeremy's cat on each page of the book. She was also fascinated with how someone uses "bad words" and wanted to know what it means. Obviously, she didn't hear any anywhere yet :)

Anna's favorite was Richard Scurry's Please and Thank You Book pictured in this post. She was a big fan of Cars and Trucks and Things That Go for a long time, but I think by now she knows every vehicle and every character in that book. Her favorite story was Pig Will and Pig Won't. My personal favorite story was about Pests, it allowed me to have a talk with Anna about Interrupting Pests, and why papa and I get angry sometimes when she interrupts our conversation. Definitely a good book - I will probably end up buying it for the future, if I see it on sale somewhere.


Erica said...

Daniel loves "Pig Will and Pig Won't" also =)

teachingyoungchildren said...

It's great to see you here, Erica :) I miss you!

Autumn said...

We're big Richard Scarry fans here too. I really love Leslie Patricelli books. We currently have "Baby Happy, Baby Sad" from the library. It's great because a child can sit down with it and read it to themselves and infer what is happening in each picture. We can talk about why baby is sad/happy in each illustration. Plus they're really cute books. :)

Holly said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll have to check out the Richard Scarry one, and When I Was Five and The Night Before First Grade for my soon-to-be first grader.

Jenny said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You may also want to check out Audrey Wood's book The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and The Big Hungry Bear. It's my favorite book!

My daughter also likes going to the library and loves Clifford books.

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