Thursday, June 25, 2009

I judge Anna's interest in books on whether she wants to keep a particular library title for longer than a week. We go to the library every week on Wednesday, so allow me to announce the "winners" of this week:

The night you were bornThis is my winner of the week, and Anna liked the story as well. It's an excellent book to read, if you expect to add to your family soon. From the adult's perspective, I liked the poetic language and illustrations. Anna seemed to be quite interested in the story as well, even though she was vaguely disturbed by the fact that the boy in the story was not with his parents, but with his aunt. Clearly, it doesn't happen here often enough.

Come Rhyme With Me

One of my first posts on this blog was about prerequisites for reading and activities to promote sound awareness. It's amazing to see how far Anna progressed in just 5 months. She really likes rhyming now and comes up with her own rhymes. This book is great to encourage rhyming and reinforce alphabet knowledge at the same time. Most of rhymes actually work well and don't sound forced as in some other books we read.Eating the Alphabet

Our opinions have split on Eating the Alphabet. Anna liked colorful illustrations and asked a lot of questions about the fruits and vegetables she didn't know. I found some of the letter pairing forced (who knows what xigua is?). It also made me guilty that we don't vary our diet more - I have never eaten at least a third of this eatable alphabet. My picky eater was suddenly very enthusiastic about trying new vegetables... at least in theory. It's time to try and found out what happens in practice.

Make Way for DucklingsWe disagreed on this book as well. Anna and her papa loved it, and Anna sat contentedly through the whole story. She asked to read the story several times during the day - a sign of a good book in our house, which overflows with children literature. I didn't care much for illustrations - I am not a big fan of anything vintage, and this book looks very dated. I also thought that overall the story was too "grown up" for Anna - she didn't ask many questions, which usually means that she didn't really understand the book, and she couldn't answer my questions on the content. Perhaps we will try it again in a year or so.


pussreboots said...

We have both Make Way For Ducklings (which we haven't read in ages) and Eating the Alphabet. Xigua (pronounced shee-guaw) is the Chinese name for watermelon. They're sold here as the "mini melons". I only know the word because my kids are learning Chinese in school.

My post is here.

MaryAnne said...

Great post! I hadn't heard of the first two books and they both sound like they are worth checking out of our library - thanks for the recommendations. I think it's really neat that Anna comes up with her own rhymes!

Autumn said...

I love Eating the Alphabet! Especially now that it's farmer's market season, you can show Anna all the different fruits & veggies, taste them (the fruits anyway), and maybe even buy some and prepare them together. The nice thing about summer produce is that most things are really easy to make, and are easy enough for a toddler to help with. I love Ehlert books because they go hand-in-hand with everyday life (particularly her gardening/flower books).