Thursday, June 11, 2009

As I mentioned before, our last week visit to the library based on Top 30 List suggestions, was a disaster. Fortunately, a few books from our home collection were chosen by Anna as favorites this week:

oppositesMy mother sent this book to Anna when she was about 1 year old. It has various paper tags to make things on the page change - the flashlight changes between dark and light, the rollercoaster goes up and down, etc. Not a lot of words, just actions illustrating a concept. Obviously, the book was not appropriate for a one year old, and even now it's sometimes hard for Anna to manipulate the tags gently, but she was very excited about the book, especially about the rollercoaster page. She kept asking when she can go on the rollercoaster - you can tell that she enjoyed her visit to Gilroy Gardens :)

What Do People DoWe are continuing on Richard Scarry's streak for the second week straight. After our success with Please and Thank You Book, I pulled out What Do People Do All Day from our "too early" shelf. Majority of the stories in this book are still over Anna's head, but she enjoyed a couple of stories, especially Everyone is a worker. It's amusing to see though how different the world is now - she kept asking why the cashier in the bank gives money to someone directly outside of the bank. She was not a big fan of A Visit to the Hospital and Fire Station stories - she really doesn't like to read about bad things happening to anyone.

Owl MoonAfter reading "Top 30 List", my husband pulled out another book from our "too early" shelf - Owl Moon. Surprisingly, this one turned out to be well accepted. I shook my head when I looked into the amount of text on the page, but there is something about the book - it's not a poem, but it reads like a poem. Anna is fascinated by owls (thank you, Winnie the Pooh and San Fransisco zoo), that's why I think she likes this story, even though a lot of words and concepts (including snowy forest in the middle of the night) must be hard for her to understand.

Treasury_3_yearWe bought this book at Barnes & Noble about a month ago and reading it on and off since then. It has a nice mix of classic tales (Old McDonald, The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina) and modern stories for children (Auntie Octopus, Roly and Poly). Anna's favorite story is Cuthbert, a Lonely Crocodile. It's about a crocodile who wants to have brothers and sisters like other animals in the jungle. In the end he gets 10 baby brothers and sisters, and Anna always looks very pleased at the ending. Oh, the plight of a single child :)


pussreboots said...

We have Owl Moon and What Do Busy People Do All Day. We also have two different books in the Stories for x year olds. Happy reading. My post is here.

The Brain Lair said...

A site I like for book ideas is She lists a review and 20 classics for each age group. Very well done site.

Jennifer said...

I am totally with you when it comes to children s books. I find that so many books that are highly recommended either have a poor story line, or bad morals. We actually had to throw away a book that was a gift because the behavior was atrocious. We currently are really enjoying the my first little house books by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Jenny said...

My daughter will not let me read a book unless it is one she picks out. Several times I have guided her towards a certain book that she wants nothing to do with.

I finally gave up on it and just let her pick. Reading is reading!

Catherine said...

My son was very particular about which books he would and wouldn't read too. But he is growing out of it now, although it helps if I stick to topics he is interested in at the library. He is not that interested in choosing his own books (he'll pick from a selection I pull out).

Holly said...

My 3-year-old would probably love Opposites and luckily is not a ripper like his brother used to be.