Saturday, June 20, 2009

June18_MorePoolLately Anna started to invent "sleeping songs". Usually she makes them up on the longer rides in the car. As I mentioned, she is a good car rider, and we don't bring a lot of entertainment for her. She seems to use the time in the car to think and to talk to us or, in many cases, to herself. A couple of nights ago, when I was putting her to bed, the following conversation unfolded:

Anna: Mama, sing me a song

Me: OK, what would you like me to sing?

Anna: A sleeping song.

Me: A sleeping song? What sleeping song?

Anna: The one that says, "What would you like to eat?"

Me: Hmm... I don't think I know that one. Will you sing it for me?

Anna: Yes. (in a singsong voice) What would you like to eat? How would you like it cooked? How do we make it good? Yes, I like it. Then we go and wash my face, and then you wash my hair.  And then you read me books before bed, and then you tuck me in. See, mama, this is my sleeping song! It makes me happy.


Crystal said...

That's so cute.

Autumn said...

That is SO clever and cute!

Tommy made up his first song last week (in the car, incidentally), and it went something like, "Traaaactooooor.....Traaaaactoooor!!! I see traaaactoooor!!" Lots of volume, not much melody, lol.

keri said...

that is so stinkin' cute!!! what a sweet, funny little tot you have!