Monday, June 29, 2009

June28_TheaterBeginsI noticed that a lot of my posts lately have been about my husband and his activities with Anna. I am really proud of him and feel that our daughter is extremely lucky to have such a creative papa. On the other hand, he gets a chance to relive his childhood and do some of his favorite activities again. He was talking to me before about making a puppet theater for Anna. I happened to make one stick craft with her, and she brought a paper bag puppet from her preschool and clearly liked to play with both of them. So this weekend my husband got serious about his theater project. That's how the theater looked in the beginning - a repurposed box from a mini vacuum cleaner.

Anna was very excited to participate in making the theater. Here she is painting it:

June28_AnnaTheaterPapa took over eventually and painted the rest of the theater. We let it out to dry while Anna "pretended" to take a nap (that didn't work out, she was too excited about the theater. Papa also drew a background and let Anna add some stickers. He was so motivated that he already started making more stick puppets for the show. Here is a finished result:June29_Theater6

And here is a funny picture of Anna enjoying her first puppet theater show. She was totally mesmerized. So much better than TV :)



Annette said...

Oh, I just bought the ABC tiny stamps at Target in the dollar section. Did you try these with Anna or other ones? They are very tiny...haven't used them yet.

Annette said...

Is that a mouse puppet? Did you make it? I'd love to see more of your puppets and a close up of the mouse!

I love that Anna helped!

teachingyoungchildren said...

No, this Mouse came from one of Anna's German books, and the parrot is from IKEA. I'll make some pics of paper puppets tomorrow.

Autumn said...

Lars is such a cool dad. :)

Christie said...

What a wonderful idea and great that your husband was involved and so motivated. Love her smile, th joy just shines through.

'Childhood is a journey, not a race'