Sunday, June 28, 2009

June27_LegoBoth my husband and his older brother were big Lego fans when they were growing up. Their parents faithfully kept boxes of freestyle Lego in their basement for almost 40 years, but finally they saw the light of the day again. Last time my in-laws visited, one of their suitcases contained nothing but Legos, and it was only half of their collection.

Legos of today are more "specialized". One can build an excavator using instructions on the box, but it's not possible to build a rocket out of the same set. My husband's Lego has a lot of wheels and some specialized parts (for example, connector for the truck's cabin and the rest of the truck), but the rest of it is thousands and thousands small parts. Luckily, Anna is not a mouther, and so my husband opened her treasures to her. He has so much fun building things "with her" (mostly for her at this point), and she is very proud about her growing collection of toys made exclusively out of Lego. The good news is that they can always be rebuilt into something completely different, and that hopefully she will be able to build simpler things herself one day. Here is her collection at a glance:



Lona said...

I loved Legos when I was a kid! I've had parents tell me they get frustrated shopping for them, because they'd love to just buy a bucket of them to make whatever, not the specific kits like you find now. I'd guess to make money having to buy more kits. That's just a guess though. We need to pull ours out too.

fplam said...

I am glad to read this post. I think Legos are one of the best toys ever (on so many levels) for kids. Just a note to say that kids can also build anything from today's specialized kits. After the pictured model is built, the whole thing can be taken down for parts! We did not have legacy Legos, but our son has a huge "generic" parts collection from today's kits with which he builds the most creative projects from his imagination. The models help instruct him about possibilities too.