Monday, June 8, 2009

Egg ExperimentAs I wrote in my post a couple of days ago, we don't do any "letter of the week" activities, but the request from ABC and 123 made me think creatively about fun things to do with Anna that would begin with letter "E". So I created this little egg game. We used Anna's sand and water table as a prop, but any sort of container with water will work. I took a few plastic Easter egg from our Easter basket in the closet and showed her how empty egg float in the water. She had some fun pushing them around with a stick. Then we opened them and put some small rocks inside. We watched how eggs would submerge deeper and eventually with a certain number of rocks (we counted them), the eggs sank. Our eggs also had a small hole inside, which made an experiment even more interesting. I let water in, and we watched how a hollow egg sank as well when it was filled with water. Anna had a lot of fun, and we also discussed the opposites of heavy-light and float-sink. Of course, the bonus activity for older kids would be discussing why heavy ships don't sink. But Anna didn't ask, and I decided not to push into this direction. I am curious if she thinks of this question herself :)


Lona said...

As she gets older, try the Magic School Bus series. We have the books, in various degrees of reading difficulty. We also have DVDs of the old pbs series. My daughter didn't care for them until she was close to 5 years old. By then, she was interested in science more, and they made sense to her. There is one about just this topic, and they use the Magic School Bus, empty barrels, air, and water to demonstrate what you did with you daughter. Thanks for sharing this great idea for little ones to easily learn these concepts.